Machine Gun, Detective, Sifter or Honer? Knowing can seriously up your collaboration game.

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What's Your ThinkStyle™?

Everyone has a preferred thinking style. Some are rapid-fire while others like a slow deep dive. There are natural idea developers and stone cold executors. Put any of these variations into a problem solving session and without some insight, empathy and guidance, it can be recipe for paralysis, tension, and chaos. Introducing ThinkStyles™ - Combustion’s proprietary thinking and ideation style assessment tool. By discovering what your natural creative problem solving preference is, you can not only super power it, but also learn to be a killer collaborator.

In just a few minutes, you’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses, best thinking catalysts and walk away with a customized 7-page report you can refer to time and again. Assess yourself, your teams or your entire organization and max your ThinkStyle™ collaborative abilities! What’s your ThinkStyle? Find out now.

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Photo of ThinkLab app
Photo of ThinkLab app
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If you have a Workshop ID code and want to take your ThinkStyle™ assessment, click here.

"Through ThinkStyles™, our team had a chance to look at how they approach creativity and learn that as a diverse team, we can truly enhance our creativity when we collaborate."

- Dana Jacklin, Capability and Development Manager PepsiCo

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Unleash your creativity with the ThinkLab™ Brainstorming Tool

Ever wish you had an expert creativity facilitator you could call on whenever you needed a brainstorming boost? There’s an app for that! Introducing the ThinkLab™ Brainstorming Tool for iOS and Android.

If you’ve taken one of Combustion’s creativity workshops (shout out to all of our ThinkLab alumni), then you’ll know how important stimuli is to shifting perspective and breaking down mental barriers. The ThinkLab™ Brainstorming Tool uses scientifically proven techniques to tickle and tease countless ideas from even the most burned out brains.

Whether you’re a visual or auditory thinker, brainstorming big shot or novice, we’ve got you covered with Brain Tweaks, Picture Packs and Combo Platters. Working alone or with a team, it’s as easy as setting preferences to experience hundreds of brain stimulating combinations. Say goodbye to head scratching and hello to AHA!

The ThinkLab Brainstorming Tool comes complete with one set of all these decks and brand spanking new ones are available for purchase. Think on!

Brain Tweaks: Choose audio or visual settings and have auditory and visual creativity prompts delivered to you at your own pace. Brain Tweaks work directly on the problem solving centers of the brain, activating response instincts to trigger fresh ideas over and over again.

Picture Packs: Use a series of images to force your brain to make new and different connections through shifting perspective. Ideal for introverted and visual thinkers, the Picture Pack helps to break down brain barriers and unleash brand new thinking from places you didn’t even know existed.

Combo Platter: Combine settings for a multi-sensory experience that randomly combines Brain Tweaks and Picture Packs to make sure you’re getting the absolute best out of your brain and the thinkers around you.

Team Challenges: Go into any brainstorm armed with a variety of thinking challenges used by expert creativity facilitators and trainers.

Photo of ThinkLab app
Photo of ThinkLab app
Photo of ThinkLab app
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*Fun fact – That’s the velvelty voice of Combustion President & Chief Fire Starter Leslie Ehm delivering Brain Tweaks. So turn your audio up.

**Shout out to all of our ThinkLab™ people. You’ve got to DIVERGE before you CONVERGE.

Organization Creative Quotient (OCQ)

Know your organizational creative quotient (OCQ)

Over 80% of business over the next 5 years will come from ideas that don’t yet exist. And if your company doesn’t learn to unleash its creative potential fast, you’ll likely be left in the innovation dust.

The Combustion OCQ (Organizational Creativity Quotient) is a team or organization-wide assessment tool that reveals your people’s creative mindset, abilities and desires and holds up a mirror to the current status of your organization's creative potential. The assessment unearths your creative ‘ignition’ and ‘extinguishing’ points and more importantly, shows you how to capitalize on strengths and turn weaknesses around. Assessing your OCQ is the critical first step to becoming the kick-ass creativity powered organization you’ve always dreamed of.

The Combustion OCQ is completely anonymous to ensure honest results, is scalable, and comes complete with a comprehensive report from our expert team