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CLient Love

Here’s just some of what our clients had to say about the experiences we created for their people.

“The most transformational training I've ever had or seen in my career.”
Brett Willms
(Former) Director, Small Medium Business, Americas, Google
“I would highly recommend Leslie and Combustion if you are thinking about wanting to change your team's leadership, collaboration and/or communication.”
TD Financial
Lydia Saullo
Senior Manager, Technology Innovation Delivery, TD
“It is so rare in this industry to find great training partners, let alone behavior changing scientists. We are forever changed, and infinitely better."
Katie Repp
SVP, Human Resources Director, FCB Chicago
“Thank you for an incredible session yesterday. The team left with full hearts and the confidence to bring their full selves each day and embrace our messy, vulnerable and beautifully flawed selves. It was an absolute pleasure.”
TD Financial
Jayme Martin CHRL
District Vice President, Greater Hamilton District | TD Canada Trust
“Through Combustion's training, our team learned how to be their most powerful selves. They were able to put new skills into practice immediately and we've seen the results; each presents with more flair and greater confidence and most importantly they come together as a team."”
Stephanie Nerlich
(Former) President & CEO, Grey
“It was transformative and will change the way we do things. Combustion brought us to a point where we’re going to have techniques to actually move forward. They got everyone working together and thinking differently.”
David Phillips
President & COO, nLogic
“We wanted a game changer approach, and one that fit the personality-driven culture of FUSE. In walks Combustion – and they lived up to their promise. Their approach really focused on each individual’s unique style and ability. Now the team is connecting and selling significantly better today than before. All-in-all, I’m a huge fan.”
Stephen Brown
President, FUSE
“What distinguishes Combustion from any other training company is that the training “sticks” because it’s internalized. They provide easy to understand tools & process coupled with mind clinging inspiration. This is a truly powerful combination. I can honestly say this is the best training I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of."
Anna Seymour
Marketing Director, Innovation & New Product Development, Arterra Wines
“We hired Combustion for their "Stand & Deliver" presentation skills workshop. At the end of the day we had high fives, tears of joy, laughter, and countless "how did we survive without this before?" emails. Now we want more! Leslie and her team have my highest endorsement. Professional, fun and one-of-a-kind. And thank you for making me look smart by hiring you."
Robin Whalen
(Former) Partner/Managing Director, Real Interactive & 6 Degrees Integrated Communications

Participant Testimonials

What matters most is what the people say about their Combustion experience. Here’s just a sampling of the love.

"Amazing. Seriously, life-changing."
"I will never go back to the old way again."
"Everything struck a cord and touched on something that was helpful and relevant. Absolutely the most engaging presentation I’ve seen."
"F*cking amazing. Super helpful"
"One of the best training sessions I’ve been a part of in years. Very helpful and relevant to my job!"
"Thank you! This happened at a critical point in our business development and it has transformed us."
"Just loved it! I’ve been to other presentation workshops and they always focused on conventional insights. This program was legendary."
"Totally worth traveling a 10 hour flight for."
"I heard this training would be awesome yet it still exceeded my expectations."
"Absolutely amazing. I went in pretty reluctant as I have been in many presentation skills workshops before but this one was second to none. I learned more in one day that I have in years."
"I've participated in multiple trainings and this is hands down the most engaging! If everyone took it, we'd all work together better."
"My confidence level giving presentations has skyrocketed."
"Training was brilliant – very down to earth presenter that you can relate to. She was very perceptive and was able to identify key areas that needed work quite readily in addition to strengths."
"Best presentation class I’ve taken. Gets to the root."
"Amazing. Simply amazing. The process, tools, models are amazing. Leslie is simply amazing on top of all of that."
"This was a totally new way to think and stretch our brains. It will change the way we create forever."
"I absolutely loved this workshop. It was very helpful and helped open my eyes to a lot of things I do well and other things I need to improve on."
"What a down to earth, lovely, supportive and fun learning environment. Thank you!!"
"This was a fantastic, transformative experience. I am grateful for the opportunity. THANK YOU!"
"Probably the most useful 2 days I have spent in a long time!"
"Most entertaining and useful training I’ve done at Google"
"This was life changing!"
"Where have you been all my career? :)"
"This was a great experience for me. I learned a lot, was challenged and had a good time."
"I want to recommend this to the rest of my department!"
"Hands down the best course and best instructor I've had at a workshop. Very practical advice, very animated presenter and super fun day."
"The principles in this session are good for all employees, not just managers. Stephen is outstanding, engaging and willing to take on tough subjects. Totally enjoyed the entire day."
"Leslie was a brilliant instructor with a no bullshit approach that was/is still positive and inclusive. She gets more out of you even when you think you're trapped."
IPG Mediabrands
"I have not only seen changes in my presentation skills but my manager has seen changes and has made comments."
"Stephen is fantastic! Great job facilitating and keeping us wanting to learn more =)"
"Very informative training and Stephen was a fantastic trainer who kept things real."
"I wish I had Leslie in my life more often!"
"By far the most beneficial presentation training course I've taken."
"These are things I can work on inside + outside of work. Combustion trainings are the best."
"Thank you Rachel! Your enthusiasm and real life examples to bring concepts to life was hugely valuable and effective learning moment."
"Leslie was amazing. I feel a renewed sense of excitement with my job and I'm excited to put my learning into practice. I want to be better at my job and I feel this is the tool to help me achieve it."
"I was hesitant beforehand because trainings are usually painful, but this has been spectacular. I normally hate group exercises, but it felt organic and enjoyable."
"It was fantastic, no bullshit, I truly believe I will be a better employee, husband, father and friend."
"LOVE Leslie. This is the BEST training I have taken in my 20 year career at TD. "
TD Financial
"Leslie was amazing. I feel a renewed sense of excitement with my job and I'm excited to put my learning into practice. I want to be better at my job and I feel this is the tool to help me achieve it."
"Amazing program! I need more 'Leslie-time'!!! Break me down more! Keep everything that makes people uncomfortable!"
TD Financial
"Completely engaging program! In order to get the full impact of the program you definitely need to be open to embrace yourself and changes to find the expressions of you. Definitely keep the exercises and the honest feedback -> this is where I believe the success is. Thank you!"
TD Financial
"The work session today is like a reset. Some things I have known, but forgotten. Some info is new. Today is like a fresh start. Leave the junk behind. It can be different going forward."
"What a great experience! No matter what someone's title is, they will walk away with a new perspective!"
"Leslie is awesome! The training is far beyond my expectations. My 15-hour flight totally worth it."
"Amazing! Best training I have had in years. "
"This was a far more interactive experience than I expected - and I loved it! I can't wait to put these lessons into place, daily use, to improve leadership within my agency."
"At the beginning I was like hell, not another full-day of useless training. However, I found this extremely useful."