Brainstorming sucks. It just doesn’t work. It’s a useless exercise that quickly devolves into soul crushing groupthink. At least that’s what so many people and companies think. As a result of my years of experience as a former ad agency Creative Director and now trainer, I’ve just got to set the record straight. Brainstorming works Brainstorming only works if you’re doing it right. And most of you aren’t. Saying that brainstorming doesn’t work is like waving around a slice of baloney and complaining about what a crappy sandwich it is. Of course it’s a crappy sandwich – because it ISN’T a sandwich. Where’s the bread? The mustard? Lettuce? Tomatoes? Those… Read more >

I’m really lucky - working with organizations all across North America I’ve seen the awesomeness that diversity (AKA differences in people) can bring. From strategies and marketing that cross ethnic and racial boundaries to inclusion and tolerance for gender and religious differences, diversity creates a more inclusive, vibrant, and interesting workplace. Embracing and respecting differences is the heart of a modern organization. Recently though I’ve been wondering why this passion for diversity does not extend into what it means to be a leader. Millions of pieces of ‘pop leadership’ writing are stuck on the kind of insta-leadership lessons and crappy click bait like ‘The Secret Leadership Traits You Need’ or… Read more >