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tell employees they are doing right

Catch Them Doing Right

Let’s face it – even a leader with a healthy ego knows he or she can’t succeed alone. Success depends a lot (maybe even entirely) on the performance of our people. So as ‘Wise Leaders’, we’re always keeping an eye on them – it’s a… Read More »Catch Them Doing Right

leadership recipe myth

The Leadership Recipe Myth

I’m really lucky – working with organizations all across North America I’ve seen the awesomeness that diversity (AKA differences in people) can bring. From strategies and marketing that cross ethnic and racial boundaries to inclusion and tolerance for gender and religious differences, diversity creates a… Read More »The Leadership Recipe Myth

It is a numbers game

It IS a Numbers Game

“I know your workshop details say that this is for 10 people, but do you mind if we do it for 15?” Mind? No, we don’t mind. But it’s not about our feelings. It’s about the participants. Always about the participants. When we design a… Read More »It IS a Numbers Game

lnd learning and development, mind, individual learning

Forward From Thinking Rules!

Combustion just returned from a jam-packed coupla days at the Corporate Learning Network Conference in Orlando where we shared our Forward From Thinking™ concepts with L&D leaders from around the world. The room was a veritable United Nations – with participants from across Africa, Europe,… Read More »Forward From Thinking Rules!