When Combustion shows up at a conference, we show up large! A few weeks ago, President and Chief Fire Starter Leslie Ehm along with the Combustion Training crew took both the exhibition floor and the training rooms by storm at the Institute for Performance & Learning 2017 conference here in sunny, autumn wind-blasted Toronto. Leslie has a philosophy about the kind of sessions she likes to deliver at industry events like I4PL. For her, it’s an opportunity to truly give back to her peers and share some of her insights and expertise on training the Combustion way.  This year was no different. In her session Keepin’ It Real: The Power… Read more >

Brainstorming sucks. It just doesn’t work. It’s a useless exercise that quickly devolves into soul crushing groupthink. At least that’s what so many people and companies think. As a result of my years of experience as a former ad agency Creative Director and now trainer, I’ve just got to set the record straight. Brainstorming works Brainstorming only works if you’re doing it right. And most of you aren’t. Saying that brainstorming doesn’t work is like waving around a slice of baloney and complaining about what a crappy sandwich it is. Of course it’s a crappy sandwich – because it ISN’T a sandwich. Where’s the bread? The mustard? Lettuce? Tomatoes? Those… Read more >

“Training without sustainment is basically malpractice.” Let me rewind for a second. Picture the scenario. As the Combustor tasked with figuring out what the company’s newly minted sustainment program should look like, I had gone to a world-renowned Learning & Development conference in search of learning transfer & retention strategies. And THIS is what I heard from the first presenter in the first session. Cue pale face, tingling skin, and slight nausea. Although my entire purpose for being in that room was to begin to develop a really kick-ass sustainment program, it still made me feel sick to think we were apparently behind the curve in terms of having a… Read more >