Founded in 1859 (and now part of Pernod-Ricard International) Corby Spirit and Wine Limited is a storied Canadian distiller that creates and sells some of the world’s fave brands like JP Wisers, Absolut Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Glenlivet and Lambs Rum. But its not just spirits they excel at; Corby’s also been named one of the 50 Best Workplaces in Canada for the last 5 years. Sales and profits were consistent, and as of December 2015, all was relatively fine with the world. But something was eating at the Executive Team. Maxime Kouchnir, Corby’s VP of Marketing, had noticed a creeping stagnation. Sure sales were OK, but they weren’t growing.… Read more >

There are few industries in the world feeling the innovation threat more than Financial Services. With nimble ‘FinTech’ startups proving a very real challenge to entrenched legacy banking, the need for its technologists to be creative thinkers, powerful leaders and killer communicators has become high stakes poker. This was very much the case for this Canadian bank. With a long rich history dating back to 1855, it’s one of the largest banks in Canada, Top 10 in North America and Top 20 worldwide. Over 80,000 employees serve over 22 million clients and the bank regularly makes both Maclean’s Magazine’s Top 100 employers and Financial Post’s Top 10. Developing the leaders… Read more >

FCB is the third-oldest active advertising agency in the US with 190 of ces in over 100 countries. With Chicago operations starting back in 1873, it’s always been an industry leader. In fact, it was the rst major agency to go public and its original owner Albert Lasker is considered the ‘father of modern advertising’. In 2019 alone, the FCB network earned an unprecedented 51 Cannes Lions including the coveted Titanium Grand Prix. Its near 9,000 employees are members of a very open, energetic and creative culture. In order for FCB Chicago to remain competitive in the creative landscape, they knew they would need to develop a robust training program… Read more >