Ever left a workshop unable to recall what happened in the first half of the day? That first point you thought was so epic that you’d never have to write down to remember? The anecdote that made you laugh and nod around 11 a.m? And…what did you have for lunch? No, you’re not sieve-brained. You’re simply a human who has fallen victim to the dreaded ‘Forgetting Curve’. The Forgetting Curve “hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time” and says that after a matter of mere days, we humans tend to remember only about 50% of newly learned info unless there’s something compelling us to remember. That compelling element can… Read more >

“Training without sustainment is basically malpractice.” Let me rewind for a second. Picture the scenario. As the Combustor tasked with figuring out what the company’s newly minted sustainment program should look like, I had gone to a world-renowned Learning & Development conference in search of learning transfer & retention strategies. And THIS is what I heard from the first presenter in the first session. Cue pale face, tingling skin, and slight nausea. Although my entire purpose for being in that room was to begin to develop a really kick-ass sustainment program, it still made me feel sick to think we were apparently behind the curve in terms of having a… Read more >

Every year, the Combustion team had a week long offsite retreat. We do this mostly because we really dig each others company. (There was a meatball making competition, real-life testing of a beta board game, and other stuff we can’t mention) But it also gives us time to reflect on the year, strategize and reconnect with our vision. This year, high up on our agenda was our commitment to protecting our ‘people’ – aka participants. This might sound a little weird. I mean why would people who are lucky enough to have their companies invest in (awesome) training need protecting?? Isn’t the fact that their professional and personal development is… Read more >