Every year, the Combustion team had a week long offsite retreat. We do this mostly because we really dig each others company. (There was a meatball making competition, real-life testing of a beta board game, and other stuff we can’t mention) But it also gives us time to reflect on the year, strategize and reconnect with our vision. This year, high up on our agenda was our commitment to protecting our ‘people’ – aka participants. This might sound a little weird. I mean why would people who are lucky enough to have their companies invest in (awesome) training need protecting?? Isn’t the fact that their professional and personal development is… Read more >

“I know your workshop details say that this is for 10 people, but do you mind if we do it for 15?” Mind? No, we don’t mind. But it’s not about our feelings. It’s about the participants. Always about the participants. When we design a workshop, we’re always trying to figure out what the best possible way is to communicate information within a transformational experience. Cuz if people don’t walk away having been moved, motivated and empowered to change, they might as we have stayed home and you should have saved your training bucks. And so we play with exercises, content, timing and numbers over and over again until we… Read more >

My mother and uncle bought a children’s summer camp (Camp Kennebec) when I was two years old. From that day on, I spent all of my weekends and summers surrounded by crazily creative activity and lots and lots of kids. The camp office was in our basement and I got to watch the activity planning process up close. The challenge of “What are we going to do with 200 kids for an entire day and blow their minds?” was a daily occurrence and I watched in awe a team of mostly under 20s plot, plan, scheme and create their way into what would become epic and unforgettable experiences for campers.… Read more >