My mother and uncle bought a children’s summer camp (Camp Kennebec) when I was two years old. From that day on, I spent all of my weekends and summers surrounded by crazily creative activity and lots and lots of kids. The camp office was in our basement and I got to watch the activity planning process up close. The challenge of “What are we going to do with 200 kids for an entire day and blow their minds?” was a daily occurrence and I watched in awe a team of mostly under 20s plot, plan, scheme and create their way into what would become epic and unforgettable experiences for campers.… Read more >

Combustion just returned from a jam-packed coupla days at the Corporate Learning Network Conference in Orlando where we shared our Forward From Thinking™ concepts with L&D leaders from around the world. The room was a veritable United Nations – with participants from across Africa, Europe, USA, Canada, the Middle East and more. And they were all FABULOUS. I always say that the participants make the experience and we’re just there to gift it to them and it was truly my pleasure to give to this crowd. They were game for all of the crazy stuff we put in front of them and played hard. (Remember – ya got to DIVERGE… Read more >

It’s time to look at the word ‘innovation’ in a new way. For the most part, its perceived as this grand undertaking – “Ok people, we’re going to radically change something we currently create. Now get going, and make it SEXY!” But at its core, innovation is simply a new way of doing something. The dictionary definition is cited as “1. Something new or different introduced 2. Introduction of new things or methods.” The “something new” or “new method” is that ‘what’ – the output of innovation. But it’s not the ‘how’. The ‘how’ is creativity. Creativity is defined as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or… Read more >
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