Combustion just returned from a jam-packed coupla days at the Corporate Learning Network Conference in Orlando where we shared our Forward From Thinking™ concepts with L&D leaders from around the world. The room was a veritable United Nations – with participants from across Africa, Europe, USA, Canada, the Middle East and more. And they were all FABULOUS. I always say that the participants make the experience and we’re just there to gift it to them and it was truly my pleasure to give to this crowd. They were game for all of the crazy stuff we put in front of them and played hard. (Remember – ya got to DIVERGE… Read more >

It’s not new news that one of the theories of creative collaboration is based on the improv technique of “yes and…”. For anyone unfamiliar with this – the basic idea is, rather than shutting down someone’s idea or imposing your own, you’re supposed to bring yourself to the party and add to, jam on, or elevate starting with a simple ‘yes and…? Let’s try and kick it up a notch using the technique shall we? Yes and… what if we took this spirit of collaboration and added a healthy dose of curiosity to it? And by curiosity, I don’t mean cynicism or critique.  I mean honest and open curiosity that begins… Read more >

At the start of my workshops, I always ask the room to define the word ‘creativity’. Hands go up. “Thinking outside of the box!” someone always says. “How big is the box,” I ask, “and what defines what’s in or out of it”? This stops them in their tracks. Out of the box thinking is usually considered ‘something different or out of the norm’. But everyone’s norm is different. One person’s box may be another’s playground. It’s all about context and perspective – both key to harnessing and unleashing creativity. Imagine you work at Zappos, known for its freethinking and collective genius. You get asked to come up with even… Read more >