Lots of organizations rely on a Creative Director or Innovation Lead for their creative leadership. They’re theoretically given free reign to infuse the organization with ‘wild thinking, inspiration and a sense of the possible’. To them I say go, “good luck.” From where I stand, these folks are pushing an eternal boulder uphill with a good chance of getting flattened. Why? Because it’s one thing to talk an organizational creativity game, it’s another thing to ignite it on a daily basis. So are you a killer creative leader? You are if you… Know the power of process. True creative leaders understand that structure does not kill creativity – rather it… Read more >

At the start of my workshops, I always ask the room to define the word ‘creativity’. Hands go up. “Thinking outside of the box!” someone always says. “How big is the box,” I ask, “and what defines what’s in or out of it”? This stops them in their tracks. Out of the box thinking is usually considered ‘something different or out of the norm’. But everyone’s norm is different. One person’s box may be another’s playground. It’s all about context and perspective – both key to harnessing and unleashing creativity. Imagine you work at Zappos, known for its freethinking and collective genius. You get asked to come up with even… Read more >

Confession. Until two weeks ago, I was a Blackberry person and suffered cruel mockery from all of my hipster iPhone friends. Even though I waggled my iPad in their general direction, their mirth knew no bounds. “How’s life in 2004?”. Sigh. If only they understood. I travel constantly and I am an entrepreneur. I have, on a regular basis, written five page proposals using only my thumbs. Try doing THAT on an iPhone and see what happens to your hipster fedora when your brain explodes. So when I saw some press for Ryan Seacrest’s new venture Typo, it was a potential life changer. Here’s the quick skinny. Ryan and his… Read more >
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